“We highly recommend Baramy Investments as a Landlord. They are frankly amazing to deal with. When we have had issues, we can give them a call and we know that within a few hours they will have someone over to deal with the issue. The team at Baramy takes great care to keep in touch and make sure everything is working properly, their communication with us on upcoming building repairs or updates is great. Rest assured your business will be in good hands in a Baramy building.”

-Muriel Jensen, Central Sewing Machines Inc., Argyll 2 (Edmonton)

“We are quite pleased with the relationship we've established with Baramy Investments. When we first moved in, as a new location, we had no idea how quickly we needed to expand and Baramy was there to assist. When the time came, Baramy assisted us in securing a bay only 2 doors down from where we were originally. This was a tremendous help as we didn't need to look around. The transition to the new location was a breeze, as Baramy fit it to our needs.”

-Chris Milo, Eco Medical Equipment, Baramy 15 (Calgary)

“We had a wonderful experience completing the initial move in process and tenant improvements. The Baramy contractors were professional and completed excellent work. They worked well with the contractors we had doing some additional work. Any additional minor issues that have come up during the lease period have been quickly and properly addressed by Baramy and we would not hesitate to renew our lease.”

-Dana Bjornson, Optimize Envelope Engineering Ltd., Baramy 13 (Calgary)

“We have been renting with Baramy for close to 3 years now and can highly recommend working with the property group. Communication is always quick, direct and upfront. Any issues that came up have been addressed immediately and Cindy, Kim and Jay have been doing an outstanding job letting us focus on our core business.”

-Marco Bartel, Fastenal Canada, Golden Building (Edmonton)

“My experience as a tenant with Baramy has been a positive one. They have been quick to respond to any issues I raised. They also cooperated with the rental assistance programs put in place by the government to help businesses like mine that were affected by covid-19 shut downs. Overall, a good company to deal with, I have been pleased with the experience.”

-Bobby Holmes, Archer Archer, Freeway Building (Edmonton)