“Our business has been leasing a commercial property from Baramy Investments Inc. for 5 years in Calgary. We have found Baramy to be a professional, reliable, responsive, and friendly landlord. Perhaps the gesture that summed up all those attributes was when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and we were in a financially precarious situation. We called Baramy one evening in desperation to see if they could help with deferring our rent for the time being. Baramy replied within minutes and were willing to arrange a manageable lease payment arrangement. Our experience with Baramy Investments as a landlord has been very positive and we would highly recommend them.”

-Amalia Rossi Campos, The Canine Fitness Centre Ltd., Manhattan Building (Calgary)

“I have been a tenant of Baramy for the past 2+ years, so far, I have been very happy with their service, more recently they have been exceptionally helpful during the Covid pandemic, which had huge affects on our business. On the rare occasion we needed any service, the management team responded very quickly and professionally. Overall, I am very happy with our experience so far and I would certainly recommend Baramy to anyone looking for a high-quality workspace and a team to great management team behind it.”

-Leo King, King’s Fitness, National Building (Calgary)

“Our experience with Baramy Investments over the past 25 years has been extremely positive. They have been easy to deal with as well as open to discuss many of the issues that come up between Landlords and Tenants over the past 2+ decades. I would personally recommend Baramy Investments as a highly respected Property Manager.”

-Warren Yadlowski, Beachcomber Hot Tubs & Patio, Baramy Centre (Edmonton)

“As a tenant of many years, I can attest to the building management we have received from the folks at Baramy Investments. Cindy and her team are easily approachable, understand the struggles of small business ownership and are willing to work with each tenant to be successful. They also take pride in the management of all maintenance costs, licenses and upkeep to keep the building looking great, decrease the chance of any surprise expenditures and stable rent in the past, throughout the tough times and into the future. A large company with a family management approach which is hard to find now days.”

-Johnny Kloeckes, CARSTAR Group, Baramy Centre (Edmonton)

“It is my pleasure to recommend Baramy Investments to any prospective tenant following more than 8 years as a leasing client at our current location. Baramy has been proactive in upgrading and maintaining this property, as well as very-quickly responding to and resolving any and all challenges as they have arisen. Further, I have personally had the pleasure of painless direct communications with several of the Baramy team and sub-contractors, and have always been greeted with positivity, professionalism, and effective results. As a tenant we have been treated very fairly, we have and are able to be confident and comfortable with support from Baramy as the property manager before, during, and after the circumstances related to the ongoing COVID pandemic.”

-Greg Bain, Spalding, Dominion Building (Edmonton)